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The following are available to buy as Canvas Wraps or Coloured Blocks.

Canvas Wraps are printed on professional quality photographic paper with a canvas effect seal. The print is then flush mounted and wrapped over a MDF box frame consisting of 7mm board and 2 inch deep (15mm thick) side walls.

Coloured Blocks
are professional quality photographic prints with an anti-scratch seal applied, flush mounted on 18mm thick MDF. The edges are then coloured (you can select from a choice of White, Black, Mahogany, Silver and Gold) using state of the art equipment. An easy to use split batton hanging kit finishes this product off and enables the block to sit proud of the wall.
3018 Red Poppy3020 Red Poppy3030 Red Poppy2630 Orange Poppy2940 Yellow Poppy2937 Yellow Poppy